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Flavorful Fresh Flour: How to use it from Pancakes to Polenta

image for a Flavorful Fresh Flour: How to use it from Pancakes to Polenta
4 Seats available
Price $30.00
Instructor: TBA
Location: At The CSCA

Bakers and chefs across the country are exploring the use of local grains and fresh flours in their breads, pasta, pizza, and cakes. And consumers have started to take notice as they taste the exceptional aroma of treats made with freshly milled flour—with notes of almonds, cocoa, and molasses. 

Join us in celebrating Whole Grain Sampling Day with award-winning cookbook author and home miller Maria Speck to learn about fresh local grains and fresh milling. The author of Ancient Grains and Modern Meals and Simply Ancient Grains will lead a discussion about the many benefits of fresh milling, for your weeknight polenta or your weekend pancakes. Learn about the difference between fresh local flour and supermarket flour, where to buy good flour in the Boston area, and how to mill whole grains at home. Samples will be served. 


This class is for adults 18+. Class length estimate is 2 hours. Younger cooks may attend with permission from CSCA only when accompanied by a parent or guardian.